How to Polish Doc Martens

Shoeshine supplies

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Doc Martens are classic urban footwear that can be found in a range of colors and styles, yet all of the brand’s boots share a signature mega-watt shine. Buying a pair of these shoes can be a wise investment, as they will last for years with the proper care. In order to keep up the high level of shine your Docs had when you first tried them on, you’ll need a few simple tools and some regular polishing.

Wipe down the entire exterior of each Doc Marten boot with a clean, damp cloth to cleanse any dirt or dust on the surface. Then, use a pointed wooden manicure stick to get out any dirt or other debris from the crevices between the sole and the leather.

Use one clean boot polishing brush to apply a base coat of shoe polish from a tin, which is generally more effective on boots than sprays or other polish types. With another clean polishing brush, remove any remnants of polish.

Use the first brush to apply a second coat of boot polish to your Doc Martens, using either a colored polish to match your boots or a universal, transparent gloss. Smear the polish evenly over the exterior of one boot, then allow this boot to sit and dry for a few minutes while you apply polish to the other boot.

Apply a thin, final coat of polish using a soft-bristle brush to your pair of Doc Martens in order to get a final shine on the boots. After your boots have had at least 10 minutes to dry, finish by buffing up each boot using a clean, soft cloth. Feel free to repeat the above steps as many times as needed to get the amount of shine you desire.