How to Wash Moccasins

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans protected their feet with moccasins, shoes made from leather and other animal skins. Today, moccasins remain popular as comfortable, casual footwear. Most manufacturers still make moccasins out of leather or sheepskin, so it's best to clean your delicate shoes by hand. Regularly removing dirt and stains is an effective way to keep your moccasins looking like new.

Step 1

Remove loose dirt from the moccasins with a leather brush or a toothbrush. Alternatively, take the moccasins outside and clap the soles together to knock off soil.

Step 2

Moisten a soft brush with cool water, then squirt a few drops of baby shampoo or mild detergent onto the bristles. Scrub the moccasins gently to get rid of stuck-on dirt and stains. Wash the tops of the moccasins and the soles. If your shoes have bows or fringe, brush them carefully to avoid damage.

Step 3

Wet a cloth with cool water, then wipe the moccasins to remove the soap. Rinse the cloth with clean water after every few wipes.

Step 4

Allow the moccasins to air dry. Do not dry the shoes in direct sunlight or put them next to a heat source, such as an oven or furnace. For faster drying, stuff the toes of the shoes with tissue paper or paper towels. If the paper gets soaked with water, replace it with dry paper.