It Hurts Inside of My Shoes: How Can I Soften Them Up?

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Tight shoes can lead to blisters, hammer toes and general discomfort. Before throwing the shoes away, consider trying to stretch shoes to make them more comfortable. Not only will this save money, but it will save feet from unnecessary pain. Taking the time to break in and soften new shoes will allow the shoes to be worn without fear of hurting toes. Keep toes pain-free by using a few, in-home remedies to keep shoes soft and comfortable.

Put on three or four pairs of socks with the shoes. Then, wear them while doing chores or running errands for several hours. Overtime, you will break in the shoes. Rest your feet periodically.

With the socks and shoes still on. Heat the shoe with a blow dryer on high. Leave about 6 inches between the shoe and the blow dryer. Flex your foot a couple of times to soften the leather. Repeat with the other shoe. Polish the shoes after heating because it will cause the leather to lose its shine. If the shoes get wet, you will need to repeat the heating process. As the leather dries, it shrinks.

Use shoe conditioner inside of patent leather shoes. The conditioner will soften the leather. Follow the manufacturer's directions.