How to Get My Boots to Stop Squeaking

by Sheri Lamb ; Updated September 28, 2017

Eliminate the squeak from your shoes.

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Squeaking is often caused in boots when a wet surface rubs against a dry area. The sound can be annoying for you and those around you and it can draw unwanted attention to the wearer. Squeaky boots are most often heard during rainy weather, when the water seeps inside and changes the boots' complexion. Several methods are available to eliminate the squeak from your boots and get them sounding new again.

Clean the boots by soaking them in soapy water and then rubbing them with a wash cloth. Leave out to air dry for several days.

Lubricate the squeaky area. "Train Magazine" recommends using Nikwax, which is a wax waterproof treatment.

Change the laces' tension. While the squeak often emanates from the sole of the boot, laces can occasionally cause the noise, too. Tightening the shoelaces, however, could increase the volume because of higher tension and friction.

Replace the sole. The sole might be moist and rub against the bottom of the boot, or vice versa.

Rub shoe conditioner on your boot. Get inside and under the sole.

Remove the shoe's sole. Place baby powder or corn starch underneath.

Adjust the boot by stretching it with your hands. This can help break in a new boot and make sure it doesn't squeak.

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