How to Break In New Danner Leather Work Boots

by Stephanie Mitchell ; Updated September 28, 2017

Condition and waterproof your boots before wearing them.

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The leather in new Danner work boots is a stiff and abrasive material that can chafe your feet and ankles unpleasantly, if you don't break the boots in properly. Before wearing your new boots to work, take the time to soften the leather and mold it to your feet. A long workday becomes much longer and less pleasant if your boots are blistering your feet, so patiently prepare the leather at home.

Apply leather conditioner to a clean cloth. Rub it firmly into the new boots. Work the conditioner into the grain of the material on all leather surfaces.

Wipe the boots lightly with a clean part of the cloth to remove excess conditioner. Let the boots dry for eight to 10 hours.

Put the boots on, and walk around the house for several minutes. Feel where the boots rub or pinch your feet or ankles. Remove the boots, and cover the friction spots with bandages or petroleum jelly.

Put on two pairs of socks, and wear the boots over them. Walk around your home or neighborhood like this for the next several days. Periodically test the boots by wearing them without bandages or petroleum jelly and with only one pair of socks. When they no longer rub the friction spots, the boots are ready to be worn to work.


  • Apply a waterproofing agent to your boots after they are broken in, not before.

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