How to Deodorize Suede Sandal Footbeds

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Suede footbeds give your sandals a soft feeling against the soles of your feet, but, like any shoes worn without socks, they can become smelly with repeated wear. Deodorizing suede insoles helps prevent embarrassing foot odor every time you take off your shoes. Commercial powders and sprays, available at drug stores and shoe stores, will help remove foot odor from your suede insoles and leave them smelling fresh and clean throughout the warm summer months.

Scrub the footbeds of your sandals thoroughly with a suede brush to remove any dirt and debris.

Mix 1 teaspoon of liquid antibacterial soap into a 1-cup measuring cup. Fill the cup with running water to make suds.

Dip a soft toothbrush into the suds, avoiding the water. Scrub the footbeds of your sandals with the suds and wipe the footbed clean with a lightly damp rag.

Set the sandals outside and allow them to dry in the sun and air out for several hours.

Sprinkle tenderizing foot powder or baking soda on the beds of your sandals, rub in the powder with your fingertips and place the sandals in a plastic freezer bag. Seal the bag, store the shoes in the freezer overnight and shake out the excess powder the next day.