How to Fix Squeaky Leather Sandals

brown sandals image by robert lerich from

Few things are more aggravating than hearing a squeak from your favorite leather sandals with every step you take. Squeaking is a common problem with leather shoes and sandals, caused by a flaw in the manufacturing process. The noise is caused by two surfaces being placed too close together, resulting in a squeak as they rub against one another. Rather than purchasing a new pair of sandals, you can correct the problem and enjoy a silent step for a fraction of the cost.

Place the sandals in a large bowl full of warm water for two hours.

Soak a soft cloth in leather oil and massage it into the sandals as soon as you remove them from the water.

Set both sandals on a clean surface and sprinkle a thin, even coating of baby powder over each.

Rub the baby powder into the leather’s surface with your fingers and work it into any area where two pieces of leather meet.

Wear your sandals for at least two hours and walk around as much as possible. This works the baby powder into the squeaky areas of the leather and forms the soaked sandals to your feet.

Repeat the baby powder application if your sandals continue to squeak.