How to Install Ugg Insoles

Sheep wool

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Whether you're strolling the boulevards of your favoritecity during the frigid winter months or relaxing on the beach at sunset, a pair of sheepskin Uggs makes the ideal companion. Uggs are made by UGG Australia, a manufacturer of boots and other accessories, made mostly from sheepskin and the animal's soft fleece. All Ugg boots feature a soft, flexible insole which can be removed for occasional cleaning. To breathe some new life into your old boots, you can also install a set of replacement soles.

Wedge the tip of the butter knife into the heel seam between the insole and the interior of the boot.

Push down on the handle of the knife to pry up the old insole from the bottom of the boot. Lift out the old insole and set it aside or dispose of it. Perform insole removal for the second boot.

Lower the first insole into the corresponding boot, toe end first. Push the insole all the way into the toe of the boot and apply pressure with the palm of your hand to flatten it down to the heel end. Perform this step for the second boot and insole.

Put on the boots and take several paces around the room to fully seat your new insoles. Over time, the insoles will become flattened into the shoe and begin shaping to your foot.