How to Repair and Remove the Steel Toe in a Shoe

boot image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

Most companies that handle large machinery or heavy inventory require their employees to wear steel-toe shoes or boots at all times to avoid the breaking of toes and feet. After use, though, the steel-toe footwear is subject to wear and tear like any garment. The steel can become bent, warped, damaged or even come loose. The repair and/or removal of the steel toe may become a necessity for the wearer for safety or comfort.

Use the razor blade at the base of the front of the shoe where the body of the leather touches the rubber sole. Slice a 4-inch slit in that base and gently pull the two pieces of shoe away from each other.

Use the pliers to grip the bottom of the steel toe firmly. Slowly pull the toe while twisting the handle of the pliers clockwise and counterclockwise slightly. Continue until the steel toe is released from the shoe.

Place the toe on a smooth, sturdy surface, keeping it firmly gripped with the pliers. Use the hammer to bang out dents by feeling the inside of the toe for any protrusions inward. Strike the protrusions with the hammer starting at least 6 inches away from it.

Take the shoe or leather worker's glue and slather the outside of the toe completely. Slide the toe back into the boot by pulling the two parts of the shoe separate and pressing the toe firmly back into place. Glue the two parts of the shoe together by pressing the leather back to the sole and gluing the base. Allow several hours to dry.