How to Stop Clog Shoes From Squeaking

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Clogs are a type of shoe or sandal that is typically made with a heavy sole made of wood, cork or rubber, often with an open heel. The part of the shoe that covers the top of the feet can be made from leather, suede or other fabrics. Individuals who wear clogs often complain that the shoes squeak, which can be caused by a buckle on the shoe rubbing against the leather or noise created by the material in the heel rubbing against the floor. There are a few tricks to try when attempting to remove the squeaking sound.

Rub the inside of the buckle or other material that is rubbing against the leather with some candle wax. This will grease the material and provide a barrier between the two fabrics.

Spray the inside of the shoes evenly with a light coat of liquid silicon. Allow the silicon to dry thoroughly before wearing the shoes.

Determine if the squeak is coming from the inside of the shoe due to fabric or metal rubbing the leather. If so, sprinkle a light layer of baby powder in the shoe.

Paint a light coating of rubber cement on the bottom of the heel. This will provide a barrier between the shoe and the floor and will help quiet the noise. Allow the rubber cement to dry thoroughly before wearing the shoes.

Using a small straw, spray a water-displacing spray under the inner sole of the shoe.