How to Keep My Shoes From Sliding While I'm Walking

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Whether you're in the office or out on the town, don't let slippery shoes make you walk wobbly, twist an ankle or fall flat on your face. Shoes without slip-resistant material can be annoying, embarrassing and downright dangerous. The good news is that you don't have to swap sexiness for safety. That's right -- you can be a shoo-in at any event if you simply add some traction to your tootsies before stepping out the door. A little well-placed grip allows you to pound the pavement -- or the dance floor -- with confidence and class.

Wipe the bottom of your shoes with a rag. This releases any dirt or debris from the bottom of the shoe and prepares the sole for sanding.

Rub medium-grit sand paper in circles along the entire shoe bottom. Concentrate the most effort to the area that lies under the balls of the feet and the heels.

Hold the shoe steady in your hand. Carefully scrape a couple of big "X"s into the sole using the tip of the blade of a sharp pair of scissors. Repeat for the other shoe.

Peel the backing off a non-slip shoe pad. Place the pad directly onto the bottom of the shoe and press firmly. Make sure the pad fits the bottom of the shoe before pressing it on. If needed, trim the pad with a pair of scissors beforehand.

Visit a shoe repair shop and have protective rubber guards placed onto the bottoms of the shoes. Ask that the guards match the color of the shoes' bottoms so that they are not as noticeable when your soles show.