How to Properly Stick Shoe Pads in Shoes to Prevent Feet From Slipping Forward

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When you stand in loose shoes that have significant heels, the natural movement of the feet is to slip forward. This movement can lead to blisters on the heels or toes and even pain along the arches. One simple, yet effective fix for this problem is to insert shoe pads inside the insoles. This gives your feet something to grab while perched more comfortably inside the shoes. Shoe pads are an inexpensive solution to a painful problem -- and you can keep your shoes.

Rub the insole with an antiseptic wipe or a soft towel dipped in rubbing alcohol. The antiseptic removes any debris or glue inside the shoe. The inner shoe needs to be clean to grab the shoe pads.

Select either toe pads or longer sole pads. Toe pads fit under the balls of your feet, right beneath your toes. Longer sole pads stick on from toes to heels.

Slide your feet in the shoes. Stand in them and walk around a bit. Notice where your toes rest in the shoe. Remove the shoes and look inside of them to locate the toe box. This is the area where you need to center your shoe pad.

Place a fresh pad inside the first shoe, moving it around until you determine the right spot for your foot. Take out the pad from the shoe.

Remove the paper backing from the pad. Position it in the predetermined spot. Press down on the pad, rubbing out any bubbles or creases. Repeat on the second shoe.

Let the pads rest for a few seconds, then slide in your feet. Stand up to test the pad position. If you have to change the sole pads, you will have to start over with a new set of pads.