How to Get the Wrinkles Out of Your Shoes

Running shoes

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Shoes begin to wrinkle and crease after several wears, especially when walking or bending the foot. These wrinkles and creases make the shoes look old and worn. Instead of buying a new pair, revitalize your old kicks by taking the wrinkles out. According to the Shoe Service Institute of America, an old trick to remove wrinkles and creases is by ironing. With a few tools found in the home and some shoe repair items found in any shoe repair store, you can remove wrinkles to make your shoes look like new.

pair of shoe blocks

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Insert the shoe trees into your shoes immediately after wearing, when the shoes are still warm. Note that the wrinkles and creases are smoothed out when the shoe trees are inserted.

Sportive footwear

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Spray the shoes with a liquid stretch solution, which is found in most shoe repair shops. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when using liquid stretch solution.

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Dampen a soft cloth. The cloth should not be soaked, but only slightly damp. Drape the cloth over the creased areas of the shoe.

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Turn the iron on to the coolest setting and let it warm up. Rub the iron over the damp cloth. This will raise the wrinkles in the shoe. Only rub over the area a few times, as the iron can burn the shoe. Remove the damp cloth. Wipe off any dampness remaining on the shoe.

Wingtips with Shoe Tree

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Let the shoes sit with the inserted shoe trees until you are ready to wear them again. Remove the shoe trees and wear the shoes as normal. Always store your shoes with shoe trees to prevent further creasing.