Fastest Way to Dry Your Wet Shoes

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Getting caught in a rainstorm can be fun, but having wet feet is uncomfortable and can cause health problems, such as athlete's foot. If your shoes get wet, remove them as soon as possible. There are several ways to dry wet shoes. However, when drying out leather shoes, avoid methods that use heat, since heat can wreak havoc on leather.

Step 1

Set your clothes dryer to low heat. If your shoes have laces, tie the tips together and hang the knot up and over the outside of the dryer door, with the shoes inside. This will avoid the thumping noise. Run the dryer for 60 minutes. A clothes dryer is the fastest way to dry shoes, but this method is more suited to casual canvas shoes; it is not a good approach for leather or other valuable shoes.

Step 2

Remove the insoles of your wet shoes and place them in front of a heater. Stuff the insides of your shoes with newspaper and wrap additional newspaper around the outside. Keep the shoes in newspaper for two to three hours. If you do not want to dirty your shoes with newspaper ink, skip and proceed to the following step.

Step 3

Pour 1 inch of rice at the bottom of a plastic bin that is large enough to hold your shoes. Place the wet shoes on top of the rice and seal the lid closed. The rice will suck the moisture out of your shoes within several hours.