How to Dry Shoes in a Dryer

pair of green canvas shoes on carpet

Ingram Publishing/Ingram Publishing/Getty Images

Splashing around in rain puddles leads to a whole lot of fun -- and a pair of drenched shoes. When you don't have time to let them air-dry, you can speed up the process by tossing your shoes in the dryer. Machine-drying isn’t ideal for all types; it works best on shoes made of canvas or cloth, as certain sneakers or leather footwear can become severely damaged from the heat and tumbling.

Remove the laces from the shoes. This will help the laces to dry evenly along with the shoes.

Stuff rags inside each shoe. Push the rags all the way up into the toes of the shoes to help prevent them from shrinking or stretching and to help them retain their shape during the drying process.

Place the shoes and laces inside of a pillowcase. Tie a knot at the opened end of the pillowcase to secure the shoes inside.

Place the pillowcase in the dryer. Add a few bath towels to the dryer to provide padding for the shoes while they’re tumbling.

Set the dryer to the delicate low-heat cycle. Turn on the dryer and run the shoes through the entire cycle. If they’re still wet, continue drying on this cycle until they are completely dry.