How to Get Uggs Dry

by Mary Ylisela ; Updated September 28, 2017

Ugg boots and shoes are frequently made from suede and sheepskin. Both materials keep your feet warm and protected from cold air and snow. Because suede and sheepskin are natural materials, they tend to absorb moisture when unprotected. Dry your Uggs as quickly as positive so water stains don't detract from the appearance and functionality of your footwear. To ensure the natural materials aren't damaged, dry the boots with care.

Place one hand inside the boot to hold it upright. Press a clean, absorbent towel against the wet outer area of the boot to absorb moisture. Move to a clean portion of the towel or change to another one; continue this process to remove as much moisture as possible from both boots.

Crumple up newspaper and fill the inside of the boot with it. Push the newspaper down into the toes and fill up the leg of the boot. Leave the newspaper inside to draw moisture out of the inner lining.

Replace crumpled up newspaper as it becomes wet. Continue this process until the newspaper no longer soaks up any moisture.

Turn a hair dryer onto the cool air setting. Direct the air flow at the Ugg boots to dry them without using material-damaging heat.

Brush the boots with a suede brush to restore nap once the boots are dry.


  • Set damp boots in front of a fan to aid in the drying process.

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