How to Dye Suede Boots Dark Grey

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Suede leather boots are among the few luxury shoes that can last for decades. Their softness, durability and often timeless style make them the perfect footwear for people who love fashionable shoes, but can’t afford to purchase a new pair every week. Better yet, you can pick up a pair of second-hand suede boots and reinvent them to suit your personal taste. Even after years of wear, you can keep a good pair of suede boots in pristine condition with regular maintenance and a periodic dye treatment in neutral colors like dark grey.

Step 1

Cover a well-ventilated workspace with old newspapers or a disposable plastic sheet for easy clean up. Place plastic gloves on your hands to protect against toxic chemicals and dye stains.

Step 2

Brush each boot with a clean suede brush to remove excess dust or dirt. Spray a light and even coat of suede cleaner onto the boots from an eight to 12 inch distance. Do not soak the boots with cleaner. Wipe the entire surface of your boots with a clean, dry cloth. Allow your boots to dry for 30 to 50 minutes.

Step 3

Brush the entire surface of the boots after they are dry; this will lift the nap and ensure that the material properly absorbs the dye.

Step 4

Shake the sealed dye container before opening it to ensure the dye is mixed. Immerse a wool dauber in the dye and apply the color to each boot, pressing the dauber firmly against the suede as your work. Press a clean, dry cloth against the boots to absorb any excess dye and promote even coloration.

Step 5

Allow your boots to dry for one to two hours. Brush them with a suede brush to pull up the nap and apply a second coat of dye. Allow your boots to dry and brush up the nap between each treatment. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired depth of color.

Step 6

Allow your boots to rest for no less than two hours, or until the dye is completely dry. Spray both boots with a light and even coat of suede protector. Allow the protector to dry, then apply a second coat. Do not soak the boots with protector.

Step 7

Seal all containers and clean your workspace. Store suede boots in a cool, dry space and out of direct sunlight.