How to Redye a Shoe

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When your favorite shoes are too faded and old to wear in public, but still luxuriously comfortable, it seems a shame to throw them out. Unable to part with your precious footwear, it's tempting to throw the beloved shoes in the back of the closet to gather dust for another year. However, you can revitalize your old shoes for a fresh look or even a new, eye-catching color with rejuvenating do-it-yourself dye treatments.

Fabric Shoe Dip Method

Step 1

Wear plastic gloves and line the work area with newspaper or plastic covering to prevent spills.

Step 2

Fill your sink with 3 gallons of hot water. In plastic bucket, mix half a package of powder dye or half a bottle of liquid dye with 2 cups hot water. Stir until the dye is thoroughly mixed and add it to the sink filled with water.

Step 3

Remove laces from fabric or canvas shoes and cover the rubber soles with masking tape. Fill the second bucket with enough clean, hot water to cover shoes completely and soak the shoes until wet. Transfer the shoes to the dye solution in the sink. Stir the solution constantly for 10 to 30 minutes.

Step 4

Remove shoes from the dye solution and rinse with warm water. Steadily lower the water temperature until it is cool and the dye no longer bleeds from the shoes.

Step 5

Remove tape from the rubber soles and wash the shoes with warm water and a mild laundry detergent. Rinse with cool water. Allow the shoes to air dry in a clean, dry space or dry in an electric dryer on low.

Step 6

Clean your workspace. Wash sink, bucket, counter tops and stirring utensils with chlorine bleach.

Leather Shoe Sponge Method

Step 1

Put on plastic gloves before you begin preparations. Thoroughly clean your leather shoes with shoe cleaner and a cotton washcloth to remove dirt, scuffs and polish residue.

Step 2

Cover your workspace with newspaper or plastic to protect against spills. Remove laces from shoes and cover the rubber soles with masking tape.

Step 3

Open your container of leather dye and stir with a plastic spoon or disposable stirring utensil until thoroughly mixed. Dip sponge brush into dye and carefully apply an even coating to the shoes. Press the sponge to the surface softly to avoid streaks and runs.

Step 4

Allow the dye to rest for 30 minutes to an hour, or until it is dry. Apply a second layer of dye to the shoes to ensure even coloration. Allow shoes to air dry in a cool, dry space overnight.

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