How to Care for Vinyl Women's Fashion Boots

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Vinyl fashion boots are less expensive than leather and can add a stylish touch to your attire. Whether you're heading to the office or going out on the town, you want your vinyl boots to look clean and shiny, not dull and dirty. Vinyl boots are easy to care for and maintain. Follow these steps on a regular basis and your boots will be ready to head out the door whenever you are.

How To Clean Women's Vinyl Fashion Boots

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Place one of the clean towels on your work surface to keep the area clean and dry as you are cleaning your boots.

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Make a mild soapy solution by adding a little bit of liquid soap to warm water in a bucket. Mild dish soap is a good option and you only need a couple drops.

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Dampen one clean towel or cleaning cloth in the bucket of soapy water and gently rub or wipe the exterior surface of the vinyl boots. Place the cleaning cloth in the soapy water, repeatedly, swishing it around to loosen dirt. Squeeze out the excess water and continue to clean the exterior surface of the boots until all dirt is removed.

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Wipe the boots with a cloth dampened in plain water. This removes any soapy residue that could cause the boots to have a dull appearance.

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Dry the boots with your remaining clean, dry towel. Wipe until all surface wetness is gone. Using a dry portion of the towel, buff the vinyl in a circular motion. Let your boots air dry to ensure the vinyl is dry.