How to Get Creases Out of Dress Shoes

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You may have the perfect suit or dress for an upcoming special event, but your creased dress shoes may take away from the entire look. Over time, both men's and women's closed-toes dress shoes will develop a crease in the front where your toes bend as you walk. You can avoid or eliminate these creases with proper care of your shoes. Plan ahead and check your favorite dress shoes a few weeks before the event to see if they are deeply creased. That way you'll have time to work the crease out before the special event.

Place your dress shoes on a wooden shoe tree. The shoe tree will help to eliminate the creases and help the shoes hold their shape. Keep the dress shoes on the shoe tree for about two weeks to see a significant fading of the crease.

Massage conditioning oil on the crease. Use a conditioner appropriate for the type of dress shoe you have, such as leather or suede. Gently buff the conditioner into the crease on the shoe, which helps to revive the leather and plump it back up, causing the crease to fade.

Carefully use an iron on the crease. This will work only on soft dress shoes, such as leather or suede. Wrap the front of the shoe with a cotton cloth or heavy brown paper and turn the iron to a low setting. Iron over the crease, making sure to keep the iron moving so that it doesn't burn the leather. Place your hand inside the shoe and push up on the crease as you iron to reshape the shoe. Keep the reshaped shoe on a shoe tree for a week before wearing it again.