How to Correct Men's Wrinkled Patent Leather Shoes

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Maintaining dress shoes, especially those made of sensitive material such as patent leather, requires attention to detail. Patent leather shoes that have become wrinkled or creased due to wear or improper storage can be fixed with the right materials and techniques. Use a gentle touch and take your time to get the best results.

Stuff the insides of the shoes with crumpled up newspaper or brown paper bags. Press the paper to compact the filling so the paper presses out against the shoes.

Turn on a clothes iron or curling iron to a low heat setting. Test the iron to ensure the unit is hot by placing a drop or two of water on the metal section. Listen for a sizzling sound which indicates the iron is hot.

Place a brown paper bag directly on top of the wrinkled area of the shoe. Unplug the iron. Immediately press gently on top of the brown paper bag with the still hot iron to loosen the patent leather. Move the iron in a circular motion, making sure not to hold the hot iron on one section for too long.

Remove the brown paper bag from the top of the shoe and all paper from inside the shoe. Insert a cedar shoe tree inside the shoe. Adjust the unit so the wood presses gently against the patent leather. Let the shoes sit overnight to further remove the wrinkles.