How to Iron Leather

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Leather is a stylistically versatile material, capable of lending an outfit class, edge or a traditional country flair. Assuming wrinkles and texturing aren't part of the garment's design, leather looks best when it is smooth and wrinkle-free. Before ironing a leather item, try hanging it up and letting the wrinkles erase themselves. If some creases remain, you can safely iron leather, if you do it properly. Whatever the fashion function leather serves in your wardrobe, take good care of it and it will last for many years.

Set the iron to "rayon" or, if it does not have a specific rayon temperature, on the coolest setting.

Cover the wrinkled section of the garment with a cotton cloth or heavy brown paper.

Iron the garment gently, always moving the iron over the paper or cloth. Do not let the iron rest in one place, because overheating the leather will damage it.