How to Iron Tencel Lyocell Pants

Man ironing laundry

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Tencel is the official brand name for Lyocell, a fabric created from wood pulp, by the Tencel Group. Tencel Lyocell mimics rayon in its feel. The natural fiber is highly reputed for its environmental friendliness, and Tencel Lyocell garments are simple to maintain. Lyocell does wrinkle easily, however. Hanging pants made from Tencel overnight can stave off crinkles in the fabric. Yet an iron can also neaten a pair of Tencel pants in a pinch. Standard ironing technique tames Tencel Lyocell well.

Flip the pants inside out. Open an ironing board.

Set your iron to a warm temperature. Hot irons will burn Tencel Lyocell.

Press the iron gently over the pant's pockets. Use your hand to hold the pockets straight and flat against the ironing board.

Iron the pant's fly. Next iron the hem and seams of one pant leg, passing the iron over the area repeatedly. Repeat with the other pant leg.

Turn the pants right side out.

Place the pant's waistband over the thin end of the ironing board. The fly should face the ground. Iron both the waistband and the pant's back pockets.

Fold the pants by their length, lining up the pant legs. Fold over one pant leg, then iron the exposed pant leg from the bottom to the crotch. Unfold the pant leg, and iron its outside edges. Repeat this for the other pant leg.

Straighten the pants by their inseam. Iron over the edges of the legs.

Hang the pants immediately. Turn off and unplug the iron.