How to Get Pants Like Denim Stiff

Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pants tend to lose their body from washing or everyday wear and tear, causing them to drape limply and sometimes become misshapen. Denim jeans in particular get softer as they wear. You can use heavy spray starch when ironing to freshen up both jeans and dressier pants. Heavy starch is similar to regular starch, but is a particularly strong solution that combines corn starch and silicone to give clothes more body and an extra stiff finish.

Step 1

Plug an iron into an electric outlet and adjust it to the temperature setting that corresponds with the fabric content of the pants you plan to iron. Bring an ironing board to the upright position within easy reach of the iron.

Step 2

Lay the pants flat on the ironing board. Spray both sides of the pants with heavy starch.

Step 3

Grab the waist of the pants and tightly roll them lengthwise. Allow the rolled pants to absorb the starch for three to five minutes.

Step 4

Unroll the pants and lay them flat on the ironing board surface. Run your hand along the pant leg to smooth out bumps and wrinkles.

Step 5

Press the heated iron against the material and move it slowly up and down the pant leg until all of the wrinkles and creases are smooth. Flip the pants over and repeat the process on the back of the pant leg, then apply the same technique to the other leg.

Step 6

Try the pants on or feel them with your hands to determine their stiffness. Apply another layer of heavy starch and repeat the ironing process until the desired stiff texture is achieved.