How to Convert Men's Clothing Sizes to Women's

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Men's sizes are generally taken in terms of waist measurements. Meanwhile, women's clothing is generally less intuitive, with sizes ranging from 0 to 24 or larger. While there is no simple formula to convert all men's sizes to women's sizes, you can have a general idea of what to expect based on knowing your own measurements.

Step 1

Subtract 21 inches from the waist measurement of pants to convert it into the women's pant size. The inseam measurement, usually the second measurement on a men's pant size, should remain the same, regardless of gender. For example, if you normally wear a 31 waist, you would wear a size 10 in women's pants.

Step 2

Add 2 to the men's shoe size, which will convert the size to women's. If you wear a size 9 in men's, you will wear a size 11 in women's shoes.

Step 3

Converting men's shirt sizes to women's sizes is somewhat trickier. Take measurements at the chest and waist of your men's shirt size, and compare the measurements to a women's size chart.


  • If in doubt, try on the clothes. Clothes vary in size and cut, so it is best not to rely just on measurement conversions.

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