How to Supercrease Pants

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A sharp, crisp crease in the pant legs of your dress pants or slacks adds an air of professionalism to your overall look. Those who wear suits often may find themselves constantly working to put the creases back into their pants after washing them. However, if you create a sharp, permanent crease in your pants, you can avoid having to iron them in each time. Ironing the crease with a vinegar mixture, or adding fusible thread to the crease, are simple ways to create long-lasting creases in your good pants.

Fill your iron with water. Turn on the steam and set the proper heat level for the type of fabric your pants are made of.

Fold the pants in half so that one pant leg is lying on top of the other on the ironing board. The seams should match up properly.

Combine equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle.

Spray a cloth with the mixture until it is damp.

Press the damp cloth on the folded front edge of the pants, starting from the pocket area.

Press the iron over top of the damp cloth, moving the iron in a circular motion until the cloth is dry.

Lift the cloth and dampen it again, then press it to the next section and repeat the process. Continue to spray the cloth and press it over the crease line all the way down the length of the pant legs.

Turn the pants over together and repeat the process on the other side.

Allow the pants to dry and cool down completely to help set the crease.

Fusible Thread

Turn the pants inside out and fold them so the legs are lying one on top of the other.

Iron the front edge of the pants to make a crease.

Cut fusible thread long enough to fit the crease length of your pants.

Lay the fusible thread at the very edge of the pressed crease line, then iron over it. This will melt the thread into the crease, holding it in place.