How to Put a Permanent Crease in Trousers Using Glue

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Crisp, wrinkle-free uniforms are the pride of American military members, regardless of their branch or rank. In uncooperative weather or harsh physical conditions, it is often impossible to maintain that freshly ironed appearance, so servicemen and woman have developed several tricks over the years to keep their clothes in tip-top shape. It is especially important to keep the center crease in uniform pants pristine, so officers and enlisted soldiers often create a permanent fold.

Fill the iron with water and put it on the recommended fabric setting. Allow it to heat.

Spray the trousers with heavy starch and iron the creases precisely.

Apply polyvinyl acetate glue, also referred to as PVA adhesive, directly along the front and rear creases of both trouser legs. Do not turn the trousers inside out, but enlist a friend or insert a bowl into your trousers to hold the leg open and increase your visibility.

Fold your trousers precisely and hang. Allow glue to set and dry 24 hours before wearing.