How to Write on T-Shirts

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Say you have an idea for a perfect T-shirt slogan, but you just can't find anyone selling it and you don't have the money to get a custom run of shirts printed. Never fear. Fabric markers allow you an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a T-shirt exactly the way you want it done. You can also let older kids write or draw on shirts as a craft. Provide supervision for the heat set and to avoid permanent marker stains.

Lay out several layers of newspaper on a hard, flat surface to protect the surface from staining.

Stretch out the T-shirt on top of the newspaper and weight it at the corners. Fold a few sheets of newspaper and slide them inside the T-shirt to prevent the markers from bleeding through to the other side.

Write your desired slogan or design onto the T-shirt with fabric markers.

Turn the T-shirt inside out and replace the newspaper inside it. Heat set the design by ironing the T-shirt for 4 minutes on a cotton setting without steam, using a steady back-and-forth motion.