Office Depot Iron-on Transfer Instructions

The Office Depot iron-on transfer is one brand of fabric inkjet transfers you can use to make your own iron-on decals with your home printer. Using an iron-on transfer is an excellent way to transfer an image to a piece of clothing or fabric. It is also a cost effective way of expressing your creativity and makes an excellent art project for children. You can transfer any image to your clothes or fabric using the Office Depot iron-on Transfer in just a small amount of time.

Prepare Fabric and Image

Wash the fabric you will be using to remove any dirt, stains and other small particles before applying the Office Depot iron-on transfer paper. Iron the fabric on an ironing board or similar flat surface after it has dried to flatten any wrinkles.

Prepare the image you want to transfer to the Office Depot iron-on transfer paper. Open the picture file on your computer using your favorite editing program and make any final adjustments.

Insert the Office Depot iron-on Transfer paper to your printer. Print the image under “High quality glossy paper” or “T-shirt transfers” settings. Read your printer’s instruction manual for suggested printing settings.

Cut out any excess background from the image you don’t need carefully with a pair of scissors.

Turn on your iron and set it to “Fabric.” Place a large piece of paper under the fabric to prevent ink from transferring to the other side of the fabric. Position the Office Depot iron-on transfer paper on the fabric, making sure the image is facing face down on the fabric.

Place the iron on one area of the Office Depot iron-on transfer paper and press firmly for about 30 seconds. Lift the iron and move to another area of the paper and press again for another 30 seconds. Do this for the other areas of the paper.

Let the Office Depot iron-on transfer paper cool for about 15 minutes. Carefully peel back the paper from the fabric.