How to Remove Silk Screening From T-Shirts

by Katrina Matterhorn ; Updated September 28, 2017

Remove silkscreen printing from a T-shirt with a paint remover.

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Silkscreen printing is a style of printing that uses a mesh to filter the printing and a sponge with ink or other ink brush is pressed through the mesh to the T-shirt. Silk screen printing can come in a variety of colors as well as textures and finishes such as matte or glossy. Silkscreen printing utilizes ink or paint, so you can remove it from clothing with a paint remover and washing it off.

Spray the silkscreen image on the T-shirt with an aerosol paint remover. Cover the area evenly with the spray.

Wait for the paint remover to absorb into the silkscreen image for a few minutes.

Wash the T-shirt in a washing machine.

Redo the steps if there are still portions of the silk screen image that is still visible.

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