How to Get Iron on Letters Off

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If you make a mistake when applying an iron-on transfer to an article of clothing, don't worry; the mistake can easily be fixed. There are different methods for removing transfers. Depending on the size of the transfer, it may take several attempts before it is entirely removed. Before beginning, prepare your area, and gather the supplies you will need. Once the transfer is gone, the shirt is a blank canvas to use again for a more successful iron-on.

Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, and apply to the back side of the iron-on transfer. The alcohol will dissolve the adhesive and gently lift the transfer from the shirt. If adhesive remains on the shirt, repeat the step until the glue is gone.

Heat the iron to a high setting, and wet the shirt completely. Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the iron-on transfer and rub the paper with the iron. The transfer will slowly peel away from the shirt. If the transfer does not pull away easily, continue heating. Repeat until the iron-on is completely gone.

Apply the iron directly to the transfer if Steps 1 and 2 do not work. The transfer will eventually ball up and roll off, but take care that the adhesive attached to the transfer does not damage the iron. Do not allow the iron to sit on the transfer for more than 30 seconds.

Use duct tape or a lint brush to remove any small remnants of the transfer. Wash the shirt fully before attempting another transfer.