How to Make Iron on Patches

Iron on patches can be used to repair clothing by covering a rip, tear or hole. They can also be used to decorate a pair or jeans or spice up a plain tee shirt. Making your own iron on patches is an easy way to save money and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Iron on patches can be made from different types of fabric including denim, cotton, polyester or velvet. When it comes to creating a iron on patch for your outfit the possibilities are endless.

Choose your iron on design from a piece for fabric or make your own by piecing together materials. You can also choose to embroider a design for your fabric patch.

Cut out or piece together your fabric patch and lay it face down onto a clean towel or butcher paper that is placed on the ironing board.

Place the Heat and Bond iron on adhesive on wrong side of material and use an iron that is set on the silk setting to iron over the paper and heat the adhesive which will adhere it to the fabric.

Cut fabric with the Heat and Bond paper while carefully trimming around the iron on patch. If you have more than one piece for your iron on patch then you should cut out each piece individually.

Peel the paper off the patch and place the iron on patch with the adhesive side down onto the clothing then run the iron over the patch until the adhesive sticks to the clothing. Make sure you move the iron over the entire patch and distribute the heat evenly over the area.

Let the patch cool down on the flat surface of the ironing board. Once the patch is cool the clothing will be ready to wear immediately.