How to Remove Wrinkles From Polyester Satin

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Certain textiles, such as polyester satin, need extra care when wrinkles are the issue. Polyester satin is identifiable by its lustrous surface and dull backing. Products made of this durable fabric -- mostly bedding, apparel and upholstery -- are typically machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. However, pesky creases can appear, and extra care will help you restore the fabric to its smooth surface.

Removing Wrinkles

Step 1

Turn the clothing or bedding products inside out so the dull side is facing you on the ironing board.

Step 2

Pour the required amount of distilled water into a measuring cup or built-in steam cup located in your steam iron. Read the product instructions for exact measurements.

Step 3

Set the steam iron to the lowest heat setting. Although most polyester satin fabrics require low heat, read the care label to ensure that you set the iron to the recommended temperature setting.

Step 4

Hold the iron at least 5 to 6 inches away from the fabric and press the steam release button. Do not allow the iron plate to touch the material as you move the steam in a back and forth motion over the reverse side of the fabric. This prevents unwanted water spots from spurting from the iron and setting into the textile. This is especially important if you are using tap water in an older steam iron model.

Step 5

Glide the iron on the reverse side of the fabric surface in a back and forth motion. Because the iron plate will be directly on the fabric, make sure that the iron is set for ironing and that it is not releasing steam. Do not allow the iron to sit on the wrinkled surface for any length of time to avoid permanent damage.

Step 6

Continue to alternate the process by steaming the fabric with the iron away from the textile surface, followed by gliding the iron on the fabric surface until the wrinkles diminish. If the fabric has deep wrinkles or creases, it may take several attempts of alternating between steaming and ironing before the wrinkles begin to diminish.

Step 7

Hang the garment over a clothing rod if wrinkles persist. Continue to press the steam iron release button and move the steam in a back and forth motion. Hover the steam over the area with the deepest wrinkles. Once the wrinkles release, you can stop steaming and put the fabric back on the ironing board to glide the iron plate on the fabric until the material is smooth.