How to Get Wrinkles Out of Rayon & Nylon Fabric

Woman ironing clothes

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Rayon and nylon, similar synthetic fabrics, are often chosen for their durability and cost-effectiveness in comparison to other natural fibers like cotton. However, rayon clothing may wrinkle easily and both fabrics can be damaged by heat, making ironing nylon and rayon tricky. Use the correct iron setting and some protective techniques to remove deep wrinkles from your rayon or nylon clothing without causing damage or leaving an unwanted shine.

Turn the rayon or nylon garment inside out and lay it flat on a ironing board. Covering a flat surface, such as your kitchen table, with a towel is another option.

Set the iron to the lowest heat setting, or the setting labeled “nylon” or “rayon” on your model. Allow the iron to heat up for five to 10 minutes.

Drape a hand towel or handkerchief over the area you plan to iron first. For example, start with a shirt's collar or the pockets of your dress pants. If you're ironing a dress, start with the collar or sleeves.

Press the iron lightly against the hand towel or handkerchief and move it back and forth using long, quick strokes. Once the area is ironed, move onto the next portion of the garment. When ironing a dress or skirt, start at the bottom and work your way toward the waist.