Rayon Spandex Care Instructions

Martin Poole/Lifesize/Getty Images

Rayon-spandex fabrics are often used for athletic wear, pajamas, swimwear and casual clothing as the combination of soft yet durable rayon with elastic spandex makes for a good, comfortable fit. This inexpensive and versatile fabric mixture is found in practically everyone's wardrobe as clothing manufacturers value it for its ability to absorb dye and maintain color even after garments made with it are used and washed many times over. So long as a rayon-spandex garment is not marked "Dry Clean Only," you can safely wash it in your washing machine. Avoid bleach and tumble-drying when you wash rayon-spandex.

Place either light- or dark-colored rayon-spandex garments into your washing machine along with other garments of similar color that can be washed in warm water.

Add detergent according to the package directions and the directions for your washing machine. Select a warm water or synthetics cycle on the washing machine dial or control panel and start the machine.

Allow the machine to complete its cycle. Remove all rayon-spandex garments and hang them on a clothesline to drip dry.

Follow the specific care instructions on the garment label regarding ironing if necessary once the garments have dried. Usually, ironing is not necessary as the spandex component of the fabric minimizes wrinkles.