How to Care for Rayon and Spandex Clothes

a beautiful woman is running on the beach while wearing black spandex and a yellow shirt in nice weather

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Clothing made of a blend of rayon and spandex is popular in everything from sportswear to casual clothing to office attire. It is lightweight and comfortable, particularly in warm weather or conditions when your body heats up, such as during exercise. Spandex is stretchable while retaining its shape, so rayon/spandex-blend clothing is easy to slip on and travels well, too. Apparel made from this synthetic blend requires special care, although doing so is not difficult when you know how.

Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines whenever possible. For example, if your item of clothing has a tag that states, "dry clean only," following these instructions will keep the clothes looking their best.

Wash rayon-and-spandex blend clothing by hand if dry cleaning is not required. Use lukewarm water and mild detergent to gently massage the suds into the fabric. Rinse by running the clothing article under tepid water. Avoid wringing or stretching it out.

Shake excess water from the clothing. Hang it on a plastic or wooden clothing hanger to drip dry, or lay it on a flat surface to dry, particularly for sweaters and other items that may stretch out of shape.

Iron the clothing while it is still damp if ironing is necessary. Turn the item inside out and quickly press on a low temperature setting. Place an ironing cloth over the fabric if you must iron it right-side out.