Can You Iron Acetate Fabric?

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Acetate is a synthetic fabric that requires specialized laundering and care. The proper name for acetate fabric is cellulose acetate.

What Is Acetate?

Acetate is made from wood or cotton pulp (cellulose). The fabric was first manufactured by brothers Camille and Henry Dreyfus in 1905 but was unavailable for commercial use until 1919, due to the interruption from World War I.


Cellulose acetate is soft, has a shiny texture and is smooth to the touch. The fabric resists absorption of moisture, therefore minimizing mold and mildew. This cloth, if properly cared for, has little shrinkage.


Cellulose acetate is used for wedding dresses and luxury linens.


Most clothes made from cellulose acetate need to be dry-cleaned. If the garment instructions permit washing, hand-wash in warm water and mild suds. Do not wring the garment and lay it flat to dry.


Cellulose acetate burns easily. Set the iron on a low temperature and iron on the inside of the item while the garment is damp. First put a pressing cloth over the garment if you would like to press on the outside.