How to Use a Steamer on Linen Clothes

Linen is a fine fabric made from stalk of the flax plant. The fabric's flax origin makes it the strongest of the vegetable fibers and 2 to 3 times stronger than regular cotton. Unfortunately, this sturdy fabric also wrinkles easily. Despite being a strong fabric, some care must still be used when removing wrinkles from clothing made from linen. By following the proper steps, anyone can use a steamer to remove wrinkles from linen clothing.

Hang the linen garment to be steamed on a hanger. Hang the hanger over a door or on a hook so that the garment is comfortably in reach.

Use a spray bottle filled with water and set to a fine mist setting to slightly dampen the garment. According to Ulster Linen Company, steam-ironing linen is more effective when the linen is slightly damp before being steamed.

Set the steamer to the appropriate setting for the fabric weight. According to Ulster Linen, pure linen can withstand the highest heat settings. Very light linen or linen garment with detail or embroidery should be steamed with the steamer on a lower setting.

Pass the steamer slowly over the garment to release wrinkles. It may be necessary to spend more time on heavily wrinkled areas.

Turn the garment over and pass the steamer over the backside of the garment until the remaining wrinkles are released.

Let the linen garment hang until it has dried completely.