How to Use the Steam Buddy

by Megan Richardson

A Steam Buddy is a handheld steamer that is used to remove wrinkles and odors from various fabrics. It can be used as an alternative to ironing and dry cleaning. Steam can be used on almost all fabrics without harming them. A Steam Buddy is able to heat up faster than an iron.

Step 1

Open the water compartment on the Steam Buddy.

Step 2

Pour water into the water compartment until it is full and close it.

Step 3

Plug in the Steam Buddy and turn it on. The button that turns the Steam Buddy on is on the head of the steamer.

Step 4

Press the large button on the outside of the Steam Buddy handle. This will produce steam.

Step 5

Point the area where steam comes out at the fabric you want to refresh or smooth out.

Step 6

Move the Steam Buddy in a circular motion above the fabric you are working on. Hang clothes while steaming so you can see your results more clearly.

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