How to Fix a Wrinkled Bra

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Even though your bra goes under your clothes, it can still affect your look if it’s wrinkled, especially if you’re wearing a garment that fits snugly. Since most bras are made of delicate fabrics like silk and spandex, drying them in the dryer, which is one quick way to get rid of wrinkles, isn’t usually recommended. Even though you can’t machine-dry your bra, you can still get the wrinkles out without damaging the bra’s fabric.

Hold the wrinkled part of the bra between your thumb and forefinger. Rub the fabric gently with your fingers to work out as many of the wrinkles as possible. Continue doing this until you’ve rubbed out as many wrinkles as possible.

Hang the bra on a clamp hanger from the two straps. Fasten the back clasp of the bra.

Fill a clothes steamer with water. Plug in the steamer, turn it on and allow it to heat. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specifics on filling and heating the steamer. If the steamer has a temperature setting, set it to "Low" or "Delicate" when steaming a bra.

Hold the nozzle of a clothes steamer a couple of inches from the fabric. Move the steamer nozzle slowly over the wrinkled area of the bra.

Set down the steamer and smooth over the freshly steamed spot with your fingers. Apply more steam and smooth out the wrinkles with your fingers until the bra is wrinkle free.