How to Use a Conair Steamer

If it is made out of fabric, chances are that it’s going to get wrinkled. Most items can be ironed in the traditional manner (a hot iron and an ironing board), but not all. Some items are too large or bulky to use an iron on and some fabrics are just too delicate for all of that heat. Thankfully, the Conair Steamer can solve those problems. It is inexpensive to operate and easy to use.

Remove the water container (found at the base of the unit) and fill with cold tap water. Replace the water container on the steamer.

Plug the Conair Steamer into an electrical outlet and turn it on. Allow the steamer to heat up and produce steam. This will take about one minute.

Hang your wrinkled article of clothing on a coat hanger or on the pant clipper that comes with your system.

Hold the steam nozzle at the base of the item that is wrinkled and slowly raise the nozzle till you reach the top of the fabric. Repeat until your clothing or fabric is wrinkle free.