How to Repair Velvet Fabric

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Velvet fabric can become crushed or flattened with excessive use or improper storage. It can be repaired by applying steam to the underside of the fabric in varying degrees, depending on the severity of the problem. So do not despair and throw out your velvet clothing just because it may have flat spots or matted areas. With a few quick steps, your velvet fabric can be as good as new.

Turn the shower on the hottest setting and hang your velvet garment in the bathroom. Let the garment stay there for around 15 minutes. The steam from the shower can restore and loosen flattened velvet fibers.

Use a steamer to repair more damaged velvet fabric that shower steam alone can not fix. Turn the steamer on its lowest setting and allow it to heat up.

Apply the steamer to the underside of the velvet fabric. Make long sweeping vertical lines up and down the fabric. If the steamer does not initially began to repair the fabric, turn the steamer to a higher temperature until you begin to see the fabric returning to its rightful state.