How to Steam Clean Clothes

Short on space? Looking for ways to save money? Steam cleaning clothes at home can save lots of money on dry cleaning. It is also easier and quicker than ironing, and steam cleaners typically take up less space than ironing boards.

How to Steam Clean Clothes

Fill the steam cleaner with water. Remove the water-holding chamber of your steam cleaner and fill it to the fill line. Be careful not to fill past this line.

Add desired attachment. Depending on what size and type of clothing you are steaming and what type of machine are using, there may be attachments of various shapes and sizes that can make you job easier. Read the machine's instructions to learn more about which attachment you should use.

Plug in the steam cleaner. Find your steam cleaner's cord and plug it into the wall.

Turn on the steam cleaner. Find the on off button and turn the steam cleaner on. Allow a few minutes for the water the warm up to its optimal cleaning heat.

Hang your clothing. Determine what piece of clothing you will be steaming and hang it on a sturdy plastic hanger. Hang the piece of clothing on a door knob or over a closet if your steamer does not have a hanger slot or a metal bar over the top.

Start steaming. Hold the hose or atachment about six inches from the piece of clothing you are steaming. If wrinkles do not come out the first time you steam, shake out the piece of clothing a little and steam again.