How to Remove Wrinkles From a Microfiber Trench

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Microfiber trench coats should be wrinkle resistant and water repellent because of the natural properties of microfiber construction. Removing wrinkles from long car rides or from being crumpled in the closet during the off season requires little time or money. Learning how to remove the wrinkles yourself will save you the cost and the trip to the dry cleaners.

Hang the microfiber trench on a wooden hanger and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands. Hang the hanger someplace where the coat can hang unimpeded, such as on a shower rod or a clothes line. Let the weight of the trench pull the wrinkles out overnight.

Press with an iron. Set your iron to the polyester/nylon setting and iron the wrinkles from the microfiber trench coat. If you don't have a setting for nylon, use the coolest setting possible and place a thin cloth like a pillowcase between the iron and the microfiber trench coat.

Check your care label and if your microfiber trench coat is machine washable and dryer safe, toss the microfiber trench coat into the dryer with a damp wash cloth for three to five minutes.

Use a garment steamer. Fill the garment steamer with water and allow it to heat. Hang the microfiber trench coat on a hanger and hold the head of the garment steamer so it just touches the surface of the microfiber trench coat. Move the head of the steamer slowly across the trench until the wrinkles are gone.