How to Iron a Chiffon Dress

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Floaty, feminine chiffon fabric, found in dresses, scarves, lingerie and blouses, can see a great deal of wear in a woman's wardrobe. Twisted crepe yarn, woven into a plain balanced weave, creates chiffon's beautiful but delicate texture whether silk, cotton or polyester. Basic care for this sheer, lightweight material involves keeping it wrinkle-free, but most basic ironing techniques often cause irreversible damage. Regardless of fiber content, this easily crushed fabric cannot take direct high heat or direct steam.

Step 1

Set the iron to a warm, not hot, setting with no steam.

Step 2

Spread the chiffon dress over the ironing board in a single layer. Move any lining fabric out of the way.

Step 3

Cover the chiffon with a clean white towel or white cloth.

Step 4

Iron over the towel for no more than 30 seconds. Remove the iron quickly and check the fabric. Repeat as necessary.

Step 5

Turn the shower to a hot setting and close the bathroom door to create a steam room for stubborn wrinkles. Once steam fills the room, turn off the water and hang the dress in the bathroom until the steam dissipates.

Step 6

Cover large stubborn creases with a clean white towel. Fill the water tank of a garment steamer and set it on low. Hold the nozzle several inches from the dress and steam the covered area for several minutes.

Step 7

Smooth out the creases by hand and steam them again. Let the dress air dry before wearing or storing.