How to Fold a Dress Without Wrinkling

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

At some point you most likely will have to fold clothing. No one wants wrinkled attire, so the proper folding technique is needed to keep your clothes looking their best. Dresses are usually hung in a closet, but if you don't have the space or must travel, folding will be necessary. Folding a dress requires a specific step-by-step process to ensure that it stays wrinkle-free. Learning how to properly fold and roll a dress will help you keep your dresses creaseless.

Iron the dress to press out any wrinkles and let it hang for a couple of hours to further relax the fabric and loosen any tightened sections along the seams that are prone to creasing.

Hold the top edge of the dress -- the shoulders or bustline for a strapless dress -- and fold the garmet in half lengthwise, aligning the side seams of the dress.

Shake the dress and lay it on a flat surface. Using the side of your hand, smooth the skirt and bodice of the dress.

Fold the excess skirting inward on each side so it lines up evenly with the bodice.

Fold the bottom skirting of the dress in half or roll the folded dress starting from the bottom.