How to Roll Sleeves in the Marine Corps Style

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The Marine Corps has a strict uniform code, carefully outlining when different uniforms should be worn and how they should look. The basic uniform is worn daily and not on special occasions. The way it is worn changes with daylight savings time. When daylight savings time is observed, Marines must roll up the sleeves of their uniforms. There is a special way to roll the sleeves to ensure that they stay in place all day long.

Lay the uniform on a flat surface, face up and sleeves extended out. Unbutton the button at the end of the sleeve. Arrange the uniform so that the seams are all laying flat and there is no bunching.

Iron the uniform and the sleeves. Make sure that the arms are creased and flat. This will make the sleeve easier to roll and ensure a tight hold.

Insert your arm up into the inside of the sleeve. Grab and hold the fabric inside the sleeve at the halfway mark, or about the point where your elbow will be.

Pull the fabric out of the bottom of the sleeve, turning the sleeve inside-out and rolling up the bottom. The bottom of the sleeve should be rolled up to the armpit.

Straighten and iron the sleeve, creating a crease and flattening the fabric.

Fold the end of the sleeve in half again. Iron the sleeve, making a second crease and flattening the fabric.

Fold the sleeve a third time, placing the end of the rolled sleeve just below the base of the colored cuff. Straighten and iron the sleeve.

Fold the end of the cuff down over the rolled portion of the sleeve. This will hide the underside of the folded sleeve and complete the roll. Iron the cuff down, creating a crease to hold the rolled sleeve in place.