How to Roll Up & Button a Girl's Collared Shirt Sleeves

Woman posing with blouses

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A girl has options when it comes to her blouse. She can wear the sleeves down and unbuttoned, put on a sweater and have the cuffs peeping out or simply roll up the sleeves and fasten them at the arm buttons. Luckily, today's collared shirts run the gamut in fabric, patterns and colors, which means a long-sleeved blouse can be worn in all seasons. In the winter, keep the sleeves down and pair it with a blazer. When summertime rolls around, it's easy to switch from conservative to cool by simply rolling and buttoning the shirt sleeves.

Iron the blouse, if necessary, to smooth out wrinkles. It's easier to get a crisp roll when cuffs are a little stiff. Lay the blouse on a clean surface, such as a counter top or bed, unbutton the cuffs and smooth out the fabric.

Hold the first cuff in your hands. Slip your thumbs inside and place your index fingers on the outside. Fold the sleeve upward about one-third and gently pull the cuff apart with your fingers to smooth out the fabric. Repeat the one-third folds as many times as necessary until the fabric strip to button hangs down. Do the same on the other side, and make sure to pull the cuffs taut at each roll using your thumbs and fingers.

Stack the three-times, rolled cuffs and smooth them out using your fingers. Each layer should be aligned at the top and bottom. Fold the blouse vertically in half so that the cuffs like up. Look to make sure both sleeves are evenly rolled.

Place an iron on top of each layered cuff to ensure straight, clean lines and a crisp look. Flip the blouse over and repeat on the other side. Make sure to iron the fabric strip that is hanging down from the arm sleeve. Draw the fabric strip upward through the cuffs and fasten it to the button on the sleeve. This button keeps the collared shirt rolled up and secure.