How to Wear a Tab on Collar for Graduation Gown

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Graduation day is full of pomp and circumstance, and regal gowns are one of the ways the gravity of the students' accomplishment is showcased. In recent years, tab-on collars have been given to students to ensure a uniform look among the graduates. Wearing this collar can be confusing if you've never done it before, but don't worry. With a little guidance, you'll be looking sharp and shaking hands with the dean before you know it.

Lay the graduation gown face up on a flat, clean surface.

Unzip the graduation gown.

Position the collar inside the neckline of the graduation gown and move it to where you would like it to sit when you wear it.

Pin the collar to the graduation gown by attaching one pin in the center of the collar and the additional two pins on either end of the collar.

Put the graduation gown on to make sure it looks the way it should. If there is an error, repeat the process while making the necessary adjustments and try it again.