How to Iron a Pleated Skirt


How to Iron a Pleated Skirt. Ironing a pleated skirt may seem complicated, but it's almost as easy as ironing any other garment. Follow these steps.

Slide the skirt onto the ironing board with the waist at the narrow end. Start by ironing the waistband and work down to where the pleats begin. Rotate the skirt around the ironing board until you come full circle.

Straighten the pleats flat against the ironing board, stretching the material taut with your hand. If they are too wrinkled or unruly, use straight pins to secure several pleats at a time directly to the board.

Starting at the hemline of the skirt, slide the iron upward toward the waistband, one pleat at a time.

Raise the iron a few inches above each pleat and shoot a burst of steam. Allow each pleat to cool on the board before continuing on to next pleat. This will ensure that the previously ironed pleat is not re-wrinkled.

Hang the skirt on a pants hanger by the waistline in a dry area. Allow it to completely dry from the ironing and steaming before wearing.